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Japan’s Unique Media Landscape: Why You Need a Bilingual Consultant

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

With the rise of digital marketing, many businesses have shifted their focus from traditional offline media to online platforms. However, this strategy may not be effective in Japan, where traditional media still has a lot of power and unique mobile apps are increasingly becoming more popular. To ensure success in the Japanese market, it is essential that you find a bilingual consultant who understands both Japanese culture and the local specificities of the Japanese media landscape.

Understanding Japan’s Media Culture

Japan is an incredibly unique market with its own distinct set of cultural norms and values.

This is especially evident in its media culture; while television and newspapers still remain popular sources of information for many people in Japan, other popular media platforms such as LINE or SmartNews also play an important role in keeping up with news and trends.

As such, your marketing strategy should take into account both traditional and digital channels if it is to be successful in the Japanese market.

The Importance of Local Knowledge

In addition to understanding the nuances of Japan’s media landscape, you must also be aware of any local-specific regulations that may affect your campaign.

For example, there are many advertisement agencies in Japan that do not speak English—so it will be difficult if not impossible for you to communicate effectively with them without having a bilingual consultant on board.

Furthermore, having someone who can translate your messaging accurately will also ensure that your message resonates with the audience on a deeper level — something that cannot be done through machine translation alone.

The importance of finding a bilingual consultant cannot be overstated when launching a successful campaign in Japan.

Not only will they help you understand what works best in terms of messaging within the Japanese market but they can also help navigate any local-specific regulations which may arise during your campaign.

Ultimately, by having someone who understands both Japanese culture and language on board, you can rest assured knowing that your business will have the best chance at succeeding in this unique market.

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